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Compose content

Create your own content for blog posts and social media shares

Semi-automated posting

Use personal feeds for semi-automated posting to blogs and social media

Edit content

Use content from other feeds and to edit and fine-tune them

IFTTT integration

Preview feeds in a convenient mode: titles only, digest or full view.

Filter content

Use automated content filters in Feeds Reader to grow your personal feeds

Personal Blogging

Personal feeds can be read in all Browsers and can be used as personal blogs

Benefits of using Personal Feeds ?

While RSS Ground is a service for fully automated content processing and syndication, you can still an opportunity to implement semi-automated methods. This allows you to have a full control over the content still saving time and efforts.

Personal Feeds are used to compose own content as well as utilizing content from other content feeds. You can edit and fine-tune it and then use it in your own way.

Personal Feeds can be used along with advanced content filters in Feeds Reader. Content from other feeds related to your keywords will be automatically added to your personal feeds.   

You can also use Personal Feeds with IFTTT platform. Set up IFTTT to add targeted content to your personal feeds for further processing.

Finally, personal feeds can be easily read in all web browsers. You can use them as personal blogs or a news line and share them with your readers and followers.

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How to use personal feeds

Personal feeds is part of RSS Ground - content discovery and sharing service

With our service you can fully automate the process of searching for targeted high quality content and scheduled sharing this content with your followers, readers and visitors. But personal feeds allow you to have full control over content you syndicate.  So here is how it works:

Case 1:

Use personal feeds to compose your own content.

Case 2:

Use advanced filters and IFTTT integration to automatically grow personal feeds.

Case 3:

Review, edit, fine-tune personal feeds content before you share it with posting campaigns and content widgets.

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