eBay feeds generator

eBay RSS Feeds Generator from RSS Ground is one of the wide range of RSS tools provided within online membership service. It will help you generate targeted eBay feeds which can be used for any further internet marketing activity. All is needed only a list of keywords and a minute of your valuable time.

Whether you create a niche eBay store or simply a self-updated eBay listing feed, RSS generator will be a perfect solution. eBay feed can be filtered by several parameters providing a very accurate search results. All eBay listings can be sorted by a price range, by seller, by location, by currency, by product condition. One can also choose only items with free shipping or with PayPal accepted and so on.

Here is a summary eBay RSS Feeds Generator’s features and options:

– All 34 EBay categories are available for feeds generation.

– Your can search by title only or by title with description.

– You can specify minimum and maximum price of products within the feed in US dollars.

– You can choose to show items from specific sellers only.

– You can specify to show products only available in or to certain countries.

– You can choose to show products sold in other than US dollar currencies.

– You can customize feeds to show items which are “Buy It Now” items, items listed with PayPal, Get it Fast items or Best Offers.

– You can sort products within the EBay feed by time, auction ends, price, distance or payment.

– You can have all of the links within your EBay feeds embedded with your Ebay Partner Network ID.

– Few more additional customizations.

To earn money from eBay listings and eBay feeds eBay Partner Network campaign ID is needed. It will be automatically embedded into product links and guarantee affiliate commissions from any sale made through eBay RSS feed.

If eBay store is not your end-point you may simply generate eBay feeds and use them in any other tools and scripts. For example eBay listings can be a good additional information for any niche website and blog. Or you may even use eBay RSS generator for your personal needs. Just sort eBay listings by a specific seller and watch all the recent updates simply putting eBay RSS to any RSS reader or RSS aggregator.

Generating eBay RSS feeds is not the only option which comes with RSS Ground service. eBay feeds can then be processed into a content block which can be easily placed into a website. RSS to Code Converter will be a help here. The most remarkable thing about this tool is that it can combine several different RSS feeds into a single code snippet. For example you may combine eBay feed of ebay lisings together with Amazon affiliate feeds or ClickBank RSS feeds. It is even possible to use news RSS feeds, image RSS feeds or article RSS feeds intertwined with eBay products feeds so a visitor could have diverse information on a topic.

For autobloggers RSS Posters are also available. To automatically update your online eBay store with all recent eBay listings you may use RSS to WordPress or RSS to Blogger posters. eBay RSS Generator and RSS posters can completely automate your update process and reveal precious time.
To learn more about this RSS tool and see its screenshots visit eBay RSS generator user manual.