Make Your Fortune With eBay Affiliate Marketing

eBay is one of the most famous online marketplaces, a favorable place were buyers and sellers come together to buy and sell almost everything: new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars and holidays. Here products are traded on a local, national or international basis. eBay is an online platform where millions of items are traded daily.

Unlike some other online marketplaces, like Amazon, on eBay goods are traded not only in a fixed-price format but also use a system of online auctions. And eBay is not only a popular place for those who want to “clean up their wardrobes” but also a marketplace for all world-class businesses and brands.

According to the statistics in 2014 eBay reached the number of 154 million users and jumped to 162 in 2015. It is free to become a member of eBay community as well as to become one of the eBay Partner Network members to promote products listed on eBay for fair commissions.

eBay Feeds Generator from RSS Ground is a huge timesaver which will help you avoiding endless search for targeted products, creating affiliate links and promoting products online manually. Everything is automated!

Main features and options:

  • Search by 34 main eBay categories or specify any category by its ID;
  • Search eBay products by one or several keywords;
  • Find listings of a specific seller or a group of sellers;
  • Filter by “Auctions” or “Buy now” offers;
  • Sort listings by minimum or maximum price;
  • Automatically embed your eBay affiliate ID into each product link;
  • All eBay content feeds are self-updated;

eBay product feeds can be used in other RSS Ground tools. For example you can use Feeds Reader to follow latest offers and see targeted eBay listings.

If you wish to make money promoting eBay goods or simply want to share some targeted offers with your readers, followers or visitors – RSS Ground automated posters are the best solution. Facebook Poster, Twitter Poster, LinkedIn Poster, WordPress Poster, Blogger Poster and Google Plus Poster will make scheduled posts to your blogs and social network accounts.

eBay product listings can be a good piece of relevant content which can be mixed up with content from other providers, see our Public Feeds Generator (General feeds) or Facebook and YouTube Feeds Generators for more content feeds. And if you wish to get the most out of your money-making opportunity, combine eBay affiliate feeds with feeds with affiliate products from Amazon, ClickBank and CJ Affiliate.