Integration Poster is part of - content discovery and sharing service

Zapier integration

RSS feeds to Zapier content automation through Zaps

Trigger or Action

RSS Ground service can be used as a trigger or as an action in integration platforms

IFTTT integration

RSS feeds to IFTTT content automation through Applets

Content automation

Content sharing and collection on complete autopilot.

Pabbly integration

RSS feeds to Pabbly Content automation through Workflows.

Integration Platforms - unlimited destinations, unlimited possibilities

Integration Platforms like IFTTT, Zapier and Pabbly Connect – are platforms that connect thousands of apps, devices and services from different developers.

Each service can work as a trigger or an action which allows both-ways connections. With integration platforms and RSS Ground your can automated content posting and content collection.

To automate content posting from RSS Ground you need to set RSS ground as a trigger in integration platforms, and to collect targeted content – as an action:

How to connect RSS Ground and IFTTT
How to connect RSS Ground and Zapier
How to connect RSS Ground and Pabbly



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How to use Integration Platforms Poster

Integration Platforms Poster is part of RSS Ground - content discovery and sharing service

With RSS Ground you can fully automate the process of searching for targeted high-quality content feeds, following recent updates in discovered feeds, and connect your feeds with integration platforms like IFTTT, Zapier and Pabbly Connect. So here is how it works:

Step 1:

Create a posting campaign with content settings and filters. Guide

Step 2:

Set posting automation and save campaign for continuous autopilot running.

Step 3:

Create an applet (IFTTT ), zap (Zapier), workflow (Pabbly Connect) using RSS Ground as a trigger (If This) and any other service as an action (Then That). Guide

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Are you still paying for a bunch of services such as Feedly, Buffer,, twibble, Fetchrss or similar?


RSS Ground lets you organize all your content management activities in one place, so you (or your team) can focus on one important thing:


It’s like hiring a team of content managers for a fraction of the cost. We let you work with 4 main areas of content marketing:

Content Discovery

Content Sharing

Content Curation

Content Display

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