ClickBank RSS feeds Generator will help creating custom RSS feeds of ClickBank products. Clickbank marketplace can be easily converted into RSS content with no much effort implemented still producing targeted and relevant Clickbank feeds.

To create ClickBank RSS feed with highly relevant affiliate products multiple custom filters are to be used. One can sort ClickBank products by billing type, by gravity, by commission rate and so on. For more accuracy all ClickBanks main categories are available: Business / Investing, Computers / Internet, E-business & E-marketing, Software & Services, Sports and so forth.

Here is a summary of ClickBank RSS Feeds Generator features and options:

– All 24 categories can be used from ClickBank marketplace.

– Your ClickBank affiliate ID can be embedded into each link within the feed!

– Advanced options such as: Exclude keywords, Billing type, Gravity, Commissions, Initial $/sale: and others.

– ClickBank products database is updated every 24 hours.

– All Clickbank feeds can be conveniently stored in your account under “My feeds” for future use.

– ClickBank feeds can be used for automatic posting to Blogger and WordPress blogs or Twitter accounts by in-built to the service RSS Posters.

For those who are in ClickBank affiliate marketing possibility of automatic insertion of affiliate ID into product links is provided. There is no need to manually create affiliate links, ClickBank RSS Generator from RSS Ground will do it on its own.

ClickBank RSS feed can be used in any kind of online venture either for internet marketing matters or for personal utilization. With the help of RSS Ground Feeds to Code converter ClickBank products can be inserted into a content blocks which can be placed in any websites or blogs. And in case if one wishes to follow the updates of ClickBank marketplace and let the other user know about it RSS to WordPress, RSS to Blogger and RSS to Twitter posters are ready.

ClickBank products can be combined with ebay listings, Amazon affiliate products and other popular RSS content to provide high quality information on any given topic. Together with news RSS, articles RSS and images RSS they will create a very informative and attractive RSS content.

ClickBank RSS is an easiest way of marketing affiliate products and earn commissions from every sale. ClickBank feeds can be used in any third-party scripts or RSS software. They can be easily validated in RSS validator and ready for any further utilization.

To learn more about this affiliate RSS tool, please see ClickBank RSS Generator user manual.