Amazon RSS generator from RSS Ground is an extremely popular keyword based RSS content creator. This RSS widget has no match out there on the Internet and capable of generating product RSS from all Amazon main categories.

If a user is a member of affiliate program, Amazon associate ID can be automatically embedded into Amazon feeds. RSS feeds of Amazon marketplace can be used to create self-updated websites, online stores, thematic blogs or targeted webpages.

For better marketing effect it is useful to submit Amazon feeds to RSS directories. Affiliate RSS feeds will be automatically updated providing fresh and targeted content to any kind of users and fair commissions to you. And this is another way how to make money with Amazon.

Here is a summary of Amazon RSS Feeds Generator features and options:

– You can use all 42 categories from Amazon.

– Advanced options such as: Country localization, Price range, Sort by and Number of result pages.

– You can sort Amazon products within the feed by “Best Matches” or lowest and highest “Price”.

– If you have Amazon Associates account, you can have your ID embedded into each link within your Amazon feed, so you could get commissions from Amazon if someone purchases through your link.

– All Amazon feeds can be conveniently stored in your account under “My feeds” for future use or sent to your email.

– Amazon feeds can be used for automatic posting to Blogger and WordPress blogs or Twitter accounts by in-built to the service RSS Posters.

Amazon affiliate feeds can also be used in any third-party scripts either RSS readers or RSS aggregators and even in any other RSS to websites tools.

Amazon RSS feeds can be filtered by one of the following locales: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and others. Several other filters will allow sorting niche products by best match or high/low price or even set the custom price range.

Amazon RSS feeds is not the only affiliate marketing opportunity within RSS ground. Several other affiliate RSS generators are available: ClickBank RSS feeds, eBay RSS feeds or RegNow RSS feeds generators. And all those feeds can be combined into a single content block with the help of RSS to Code Converter. If you are used to work with datafeeds Datafeed to RSS Converter is what you need.

Amazon RSS feeds generator is one of the family of effective online tools utilizing RSS technology and concentrated under the single membership on RSS Ground. Al popular RSS feeds from various RSS providers can be generated and saved in one place.

If you wish to see what is Amazon RSS feeds generator have a look at a snips shots in this Amazon RSS Generator manual.