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Using Vimeo video feeds the best way

Vimeo is a video sharing platform which boast of over 90 million video creators and times more video shared. Vimeo is a tremendous source of high-quality video content.

You can also become a Vimeo contributor by creating your account and uploading your own creative vids.

How can Vimeo RSS feeds help you to get the most out of Vimeo? You can generate Vimeo feeds of your favorite Vimeo users and channels, follow them in your feeds reader, keep getting regular updates and get inspired.

Also you can take advantage of using Vimeo videos in your online ventures. Video content is extremely engaging and can be a good charge for your blogs or websites.

Start with Vimeo Feeds generator from RSS Ground – video can everything!

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How to use Vimeo feeds generator

Vimeo Feeds generator is a part of RSS Ground membership service

All RSS Ground users, starting from free Basic membership level, have access to Vimeo Feeds generator. You can generate RSS feeds with latest videos of any Vimeo user or of any of your favorite Vimeo channels. Vimeo feeds are self-updating RSS feeds.

Step 1:

Sign up for any RSS Ground membership plan.

Step 2:

Specify Vimeo user name or channel ID and generate Vimeo RSS feed.

Step 3:

Automatically share updates from your Vimeo RSS feed to blogs or social networks with posting campaigns, display embed Vimeo videos to your website page with content widgets, or simply follow updates in Feeds Reader.

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