[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”8126″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Shorten and Track URL tool is provided along with other set of tools in RSS Ground service. As soon as RSS feed URLs can be not very convenient to work with, short URL service can be a great solution for webmastering and Internet marketing purposes.

The value of URL shorteners lies in the length of the domain name used for short links of shorten URLs. Fa.by is used in RSS Ground URL shortner . This domain name makes really tiny USLs comparing with long-sleeve RSS links.

Fa.by Shorten and Track URL can not only redirect a URL to an original link but also keep statistics of URL redirects and visitors statistics.

Here is a summary of URL Shortener and Tracker features and options:

– Converts any long URLs into very short and easy to remember links with just a few clicks.

– Shortens links in bulk.

– Cloaks affiliate links.

– Tracks clicks and visitors.

– Provides statistics on a number of daily clicks, what websites visitors come from,exact time visited, even their geographical location.

– Sets expiration dates on you links.

– Password protects your links.

This URL shortening tool will help creating custom URLs allowing user tags. Plus, shorten URL links can be locked with a password so only authorized users could access them also with expiration date option.

Finally, Fa.by shortening URL service is able to convert a list of long URLs into a single small URL and randomly redirect visitors to one of the targeted URLs.

This service is a good solution for creating shorten URLs for Twitter. However one can shorten URL for any other third-party tool or service. Fa.by shorten URLs are actively used in RSS to Twitter Poster from RSS Ground. However there is an option of choosing other URL shortening services such as tinyurl or bit.ly.

Short URLs can be utilized in any RSS Ground tool. They may be used in RSS Feeds to Code Converter as a part of a code for any marketing purposes for example as a redirect URL to a related domain. Tiny URLs are especially useful for affiliate RSS feeds Generators such as Amazon RSS feeds Generator, eBay RSS feeds Generator, CilckBank RSS feeds Generator or RegNow RSS feeds Generator. Shorten URLs will cloak long URL with affiliate ID inserted.

One can find it convenient to use short links in RSS to WordPress Poster or in RSS to Blogger Poster. It is very beneficially using shorten URLs in Datafeed to RSS Converter as RSS channel link in order to track how many visitors were interested in the products provided.

Fa.by Shorten and Track URL tool can be used in any projects and in any way for the best user experience. The most remarkable thing is that this tool is placed in the same interface as a long list of powerful RSS widgets wich makes it a perfect combination for webmasters and Internet marketers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]