Free Templates Generator is a remarkable tool provided by RSS Ground service. Using this online tool one can create a webpage or site template without or with a little knowledge of webdesign and HTML.

With few easy steps a user receives a simple but at the same time decent website templates for any further usage.

1-2-3 column layouts, color pallet and template styles are available options. Though the options are few but let everybody build a web page in minutes. Templates HTML can be used for any projects in future, for example for a Static pages module in SGW – self growing websites system.

Here is a summary of Templates Generator’s features and options:

– Before generating a template, you can enter a window title, header text and footer text.

– You can choose one of the following template layouts: 1-column template, 2-columns template or 3-columns template.

– You can edit color palette and styles of your templates in REAL TIME before generating it.

– Every generated template is completely unique in terms of its html code which means absolutely no penalty from the search engines for duplication !!!

– Absolutely no limits on number of templates generated.

Templates Generator provides only initial design and any other improvements can be added later as well as content stuffing. These template themes can be used for content blocks from RSS Feeds to Code Convertor and become a landing page for targeted users.

Custom design templates can be the first step to a bigger project and free website templates is a good solution to start with.

Since there is no need of a special knowledge of programming or website building is required Templates Generator along with RSS tools from RSS Ground can be an unmatched solution to build a web site and start inviting targeted visitors using fresh and relevant content from RSS Feeds Generators and monetizing traffic participating in affiliate programs from eBay, Amazon, ClickBank or RegNow.

One can even create a personalized online shop using free templates and Datafeed to RSS Converter offering goods and products for any niche visitors.

Free templates for web site may seem too simple but at the same time they are easy to use and can be applied to any third-party script or tool without any limitations or restrictions.