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Shopify product feeds

Generate content feed of any product collection of your own Shopify store.

Shopify blog feeds

Generate content feed of any blog set up in your own Shopify store.

Shopify feeds by URL

Generate self-updating content feeds of any Shopify product collection or blog by its URL.

What are the benefits of Shopify feeds?

Shopify is a very popular ecommerce platform that is used by online merchants to build stores to sell and promote their products on the web. There are more than 800,000 stores powered by Shopify. And each Shopify store has its content feeds.

You can use Shopify feeds for online marketing in two ways. You can use them to automatically promote your products to social or blog networks. As soon as you add any new product to your store your followers will know about it. The same is with blog posts, you can add a targeted blog post to your Shopify blog and automatically share this update with your readers on social networking platforms.

Another way to utilize Shopify feeds – is to follow updates in your favorite Shopify stores and to be the first to learn about new products or discounts.

Shopify Feeds generator can help you generating self-updating content feeds with products and blog posts of your personal Shopify store, or of any other Shopify store you like simply using its URL.

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How to use Shopify feeds generator

Shopify Feeds generator is a part of RSS Ground membership service

All RSS Ground users, starting from free Basic membership level, have access to Shopify Feeds generator. You can generate content feeds with products from any collection or with posts of any blog of your personal Shopify store, or any other Shopify store you like.

Step 1:

Sign up for any RSS Ground membership plan.

Step 2:

Specify URL of any Shopify product collection or Shopify blog, or authenticate your own Shopify store.

Step 3:

Use Shopify feeds in your marketing strategy, automatically share recent updates in your Shopify store to social networks with posting campaigns, display Shopify products on your websites with content widgets, or simply follow Shopify store updates in Feeds Reader.

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